Things to do today (via Blog by Bogdan Mandru)

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I want to believe that we are a masterpiece (via Blog by Bogdan Mandru)

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Replay if you had any doubts! … Read More

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Antreprenoriatul … un challenge? (via Blog by Bogdan Mandru)

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Mind Games

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If you don’t mind,  here is a game we would like you to play.

The prize .. enlightenment !

Here is the big question … or at least one of them:

Let’s say “heaven” is the best place there is.

There is a possibility that you could “buy” your place in heaven.

The problem is that everything you have, do, or know is of no interes for the gods or divinity.

Nothing you have or you will have in you entire life is worthy in heaven.

Nothing you know or will ever know isn’t already know by the creator.

Is there something you could do to get into heaven? .. Probably not!

Well, what could you give to the gods in order to take your place among them?

And no ! It’s not your immortal soul ! This is not exactly the “sell your soul” deal .. or is it? 😀

Just post a comment … The Editor will know!

And remember ..  It’s just a game!

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Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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